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It’s all Good in the ‘Hood.

No not really.

The first version is the Winter Soldier version, and the second version is the ‘asshole’ version, where I am an insensitive prick and have the Bucky puppet falling from the train.

They are both available on shirts.

Winter Soldier Version

Bucky Barnes falling version (Iamsosorryomg)

please do not remove my watermark. Please do not steal and repost. thanks and hope you like!


My sister and I have a headcanon that Jane is Belle and the Beast’s grandaughter.

and I think this further proves our point…


Which would explain why she understand Tarzan, he sort of reminds me of Beast in attitude…. he is sort of a Beast… hmmm. I like your headcanon. 

I agree. Professor Porter said that she got her wild stories from her mother. Belle had wild stories, which turned out to be true, just like Jane’s story about Tarzan was true.

This must be shared, with EVERYONE!


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